Find Cheap Insurance

Welcome! If you drive a vehicle, you need car insurance. It is that simple, but can be expensive and frustrating to find. Check out this list of auto insurance companies and their contact information. This page is designed to help you find the best deal on car insurance with the least amount of hassle. Contact several and fill out several quotes to compare rates and get the best deal available to you.

What Information is Required to Get an Insurance Quote

Usually getting a quote online requires less information, but the quote you receive is not the final amount of your payment. An online quote is close and gives you a good idea of what insurance will cost but the number may slightly fluctuate from your final amount. For all insurance quotes you will be required to input your age, gender, personal contact information, and they will ask questions about your driving record. They may also ask about your employment, education level, and number of miles you drive. For an over the phone insurance quote, you may also be asked for the VIN of the car you want to insure and your social security number. If you are asked for this information it is likely that the quote you receive will be exact rather than a ball park figure.

Factors That Affect your Car Insurance Rate

The way insurance companies determine their rates is based on risk. The higher the probability of you needing to file a claim, the higher your insurance rate will be. Insurance companies use the information they collect from you to determine this risk probability. Personal factors that may affect your vehicle insurance rate are age, gender, and driving record. In addition, the car that you intend to insure may also raise or lower your insurance rate. For example, sports cars may be seen as a higher risk than four door sedans.

Best of luck in your search to find the cheapest car insurance rate!